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Magic boys

von Pox

Hidden I feel
there’s nothing like this
it’s only for one
It’s only for you!

There’s a special emotion
in a special edge of my brain
sweet, whole overwhelming
yet, shivering fear.

Saw you in the crowd
saw you looked at me.
Just your glance in my eyes
made me feel marvellous.

Again and again this look to each other
warm and cold came over me
inside my head a roller coaster
but attracted to me and magic.

The bustle around seemed far away.
Like just you and me
for a very little moment
in the eternity.

Could not believe
what happened to me.
Thought I could have you
but really didn’t know.

Looked in your eyes
what I saw was so much,
you touched my soul
but I could not hold.

Thought we can stand
but weak we were there.
Headwind has blown
stumbling the result.

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