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von Malte

The others are cooler, my girlfriend has left
> You are a looser! < my father just said
That´s why I want to proof him and myself
I am a winner, I´m worth to live

From night into dawn
I´ll rise upon
From dawn into day
I´ll smoke it away

Come on, give me my drug
Come on I need that stuff
To forget all my pain
That I live in vain
It´s igniting my night
And makes me shine bright
In your eyes
Shining bright with delight

I´m living in my own world and thinking my thoughts
Which are better and brighter than yours
I discover myself, all feelings my own
And wonder about the dreamscapes I drown

From grey into light
The memories hide
From light into day
They´ll fade away

In this one way you move
The solutions you choose
We never see
We never agree
In that shivering night
Only darkness, no light
In your eyes
Sickness and disguise.


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