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The Spark of a Star

von Malte

I’m made of the matter of our earth
Forged from orion’s conciouness
Traveled far
From time to time
Lived on
From life to life
To be there
Right now and right here
To heal you all!

I’m the cure from your diseases
Sended by the source of one and all
To heal you
From human stupidity
To bring you
A higher awareness
To tell you
What you don’t want to here
To love you all!

I’m a shining spark of a star
Came out of the heart of central sun
To connect you
In a world of disconnection
To be love
In a land of hate and despair
To remind you
Of what you really are
To save you all!

I’m your healer
I’m your saviour
I’m your brother
I’m your chance
For reconnection
For ressurection

For the ascention of your souls.

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