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von Malte

We went for a walk tonight
Under leafless wind torn trees
(It’s the place we said goodbye)
And the crawling past’s debris
Slowly penetrates my mind
In that cold december night:

It was the time of Haegl
Summer nineteen two
when my world collapsed
As I met you

It was love of the first sight
Summer nineteen two
When my brain stoped thinking
As I saw you

I fell in love for the first time
Summer nineteen two
When my heart stoped beating
As you spoke to me.

The trust in stars in space above
And strange things of any kind
It´s our common ground
And the ice-cream´s
Sweet vanilla taste
While away the time
I want more!
I want more!

I was thrown into the water
Diving deep into the lake
I´ll get out of it
I´ll catch you
Jumping, throwing
Pushing, screaming
I can´t reach you!
I can´t reach you!

Beating drumbase flashing light
Hundreds people, party time:
Animated pictures
Rainbows were shown
Dancing in the rhythm
Jumping all the time
Harder, faster!
Harder, faster!

We sat somewhere behind the stage
And talked about the life
'Never had a girl' you said
'And never was in love'
That might be the best time
To tell you how I felt
But I failed!
But I failed!

You died on a sunday in october
For walking on to cross the skies
The sun melts to the ocean
And in the stars I saw your eyes
So in my heart and in my mind
You’ll live on forever
You’ll live on forever

Cause passing of days and years
Is a persistant misconseption
It spins within a circle
And then it starts again
So death can´t be the end
Death is not the end

The blood-red candle-light's still burning
And the moon ascends tonight
I know about eternal life
And the chance of our reunion
in another exciting time
And then we’ll be together
And then we’ll be together.


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