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Dived in the ocean, saved from radiation
They search for the rests of civilization
>Surfacing! Surfacing!< they will be land
The radio-speaker: >The war has an end.<

They went to the beach
Watching the ships
They’ve been at a party
And having their drinks
They went to a rally
Watching the cars
He met a woman
And married her fast

They have to die, there is no return
It is human that this fact was ignored
But nevertheless there´s no place to hide
A few months to go >Dann ist es soweit!<

So their command was to explore
Unknown signals from the wasted zones

Dived in the ocean, saved from radiation
They moving towards their last destination
However empty towns and poisend air
They´ve found in every sector they survey

The death of the world
Closes the hope
All the great thoughts....
Everyone dies tonight
Everthing dies tonight

The end.


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