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A Gay Man’s Poem

von Linu

Ascending the pulpit, this servant of god
Protecting his children from evil
But some that were mislead do follow him not
To wallow in vice and in lust.

“How can you not see how it’s killing”, he asks,
“A sign of the Lord’s disapproval.
Defying this illness is one of the tasks
We have to make sure is achieved.”

Ascending the stairs to the top of the bridge
The sun never had such a beauty
Looking down at the street and the ditch
The air never tasted so sweet

I‘m closing my eyes and head for the ledge
The wind- never felt it so gentle
Moving but slowly toward the edge
Birds are rising to heaven

A single tear dropping from my closed eye
Is anyone down there to catch?
The ground’s drawing closer, no one to stand by
Is there a Lord to forgive?

Screaming, but no sound can be discerned
World does not know the remorse
One word of acceptance is all ever yearned
Buried in oblivion of death

“From death we must save all those who are tempted
And offer them help and our trust.”
Still some people know of how that has ended
Those seeing me lie in the dust.

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