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von K2

it began with a trial
just wanted to know how it feels
and it was good,
no, it was great
so I started to enjoy it
enjoyed it with every breath

but then it became routine
and I needed it
every day, every hour, every moment
it took control
control of myself
but I didn\'t recognize

that's the fatal thing about it
it takes control of me
and it's good
it's slow, it's effective, it's overwhelming
and the best thing
I don't see the changes of myself

selfdestruction is the keyword of its doing
ignoring the reality is just secondary
I loose the most important things of my life
but I don't care,
'cause of it

it's like a vicious circle
with death as ending
and no, there is no light at the end
there's just selfdestruction
and destruction of every single relationship

but the recognization is missing
there is no mirror,
which shows me, who I am
there's just one way
continuing the ignorance...

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